Wireless Data Usage for Videos

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During the Incident capture process, our customers are concerned with the size and performance impact taking a live video recording on 1st has.


The question is difficult to answer because of the amount of adjustments a user can make on their device to the video settings


A video is just a sequential set of pictures typically taken at 30 or 60 pictures per second. So the frame (picture) rate can easily double the size and affect the performance significantly of any video capture. Same goes for resolution settings. 720p vs. 1080p or 4K can increase the size of the video dramatically


The length of the video in seconds also has the same effect. 


As a rule of thumb, with today’s technologies, HD recording (720p) takes less than 50 megabytes per minute. 


We find that a maximum length of 60 seconds and a maximum size 50 Mbytes covers just about all of the reporting requirements we have seen so far while maintaining good performance.


Other technical factors affect the size of videos and, as our technology improves in general, better resolution and performance are on the way


We have provided these references if you are interested in diving in deeper






If you believe you have special video capture requirements for 1st, feel free to contact us.

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